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S2 Ep:13 WHY Do Commercials Have To Be SO LOUD!?

January 14th, 2019

We all know the drill. You're watching your favorite soap (the one where they guy dies and it turns out he was the girls dad and not her brother), and 10 minutes in... BAM!!!!!! An obnoxiously loud commercial for the new Bob Ross Chia Pet comes on and makes you drop your freshly mixed Metamucil all over your favorite pair of corduroys... or maybe that's just Robert. Either way, we've all had to scramble for the remote to turn down/mute the commercials. Why on earth are they so loud?! Is it on purpose? Are there any laws for that kind of thing? (HINT: There are). Find out this and tons more as Robert and Jake discuss the trickery and science behind why those SlimFast ads almost blow your ear drums out every time. 

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